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Medical Marijuana Certification FAQ


Who is able to use Medical Marijuana?

Pennsylvania residents who have been certified by a medical professional to have one of the qualifying medical conditions may use Medical Marijuana.


What conditions is Medical Marijuana used for?

There are 23 medical conditions that qualify for Medical Marijuana use- see the full list here.


How can I get certified to use Medical Marijuana?

If you suffer from one of the qualifying illnesses, you can call our office for evaluation.  Fax or Email your photo ID and medical records and a physician will contact and evaluate you, certify you, and teach you the proper use of Medical Marijuana.


Do I need to make an appointment?

We are all virtual now and can evaluate you via telemed or phone!


What do I need to have?

You will need a government issued photo ID, such as a drivers license.   In addition, you will need medical records documenting your qualifying medical condition.  We don’t need extensive records!  An office note or test results documenting your condition within the past year will suffice.


What should I have when I call?

When you call for evaluation, you will be asked for your photo ID and medical records.  The records can be faxed or emailed to us.  There will be some paperwork to fill out.  You will then speak with the physician who will review your medical records, and ask about your medical history.  The physician will then discuss your cannabis treatment options with you.


Where do I get Medical Marijuana once I have a certification?

Once you are certified, You can obtain a medical marijuana ID card from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  You can then use this card to purchase Medical Marijuana at a dispensary.  The Bristol Dispensary is conveniently located in the same shopping center as our office.

Does Insurance cover the cost of my visit?

No.  Since medical marijuana is legal under State, not Federal law, insurance companies are prohibited from paying for medical marijuana certification visits.

Where can I find more information about the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program?

More information can be found on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Website

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