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About Us

Our primary goal at NatureDocs is to help provide the proper certification needed for qualified patients to obtain medical marijuana under the Medical Marijuana act of Pennsylvania.


Our mission at NatureDocs is to provide proper education along with the certification for these qualified patients. We feel the most important aspect of our mission is to help with patient pain relief and offer alternative treatment for medical conditions in which medical marijuana is indicated.  Most importantly, we strive to offer a safe alternative treatment for those patients who have not benefited from traditional treatment regimens.  

We believe in a safe, confidential,  empathetic experience for our patients. We strictly follow HIPPA guidelines and ensure confidentiality and protect our patient's private health information.

We are committed to bringing you the best quality and service for your conditions. Our doctors have over 50 years of experience in the medical profession giving the highest quality service for our patients. Your health is our top priority.

Along with the certification process, we offer factual medical marijuana information and education to our patients.  This helps to reduce concerns or fears about the choice of medical marijuana as an alternative therapeutic treatment to traditional pharmaceuticals.  Our fully licensed Pennsylvania medical marijuana physicians conduct their legal and ethical duties in full compliance with Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Certification guidelines.

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